Project Management

Project Management is one of our prime services and is available to all our customers. It is our goal to do whatever we can to make things easier for our customer.

Packaging Project ManagementWe understand how valuable space can be in your facility. To help you in this, we provide packaging right here in our facility. Once your product is ready at your facility, we make arrangements to have it picked up with you or to reduce cost you can simply deliver it to us.

We will begin by correctly measuring your items for packaging, then using our specialized software we create a design to meet or exceed the needs of your product, manufacture the crate or skid, and then package the product ready for shipment.

Consolidation of Products

Some of our customers send multiple products for consolidation prior to packing: we can provide space for this, track the receipts whether they are from your facility or your supplier’s, then we get started on the packing.

Our services also include, but not limited to bubble wrap, plastic wrap, shrink wrap, VCI moisture protect, desiccants, vacuum sealing, LPS rust inhibitors, shock watches & more. We also have Impact foam and can line crates or make cushion shock absorbing bases for the more delicate shipments.

We take pictures of the work before, during & after the work completed. They are documented, filed, and sent to our customer upon request. The final product is weighed, strapped and ready to ship.

Since we have forklifts, trucks, dock level doors, drive in doors most shipments are usually completed directly from our facility or if desired we can return it to your facility.

If this is something you need, we would be very happy to work with you and make your shipping requirements as easy as possible.