Butler & Baird ISPM 15 Crates on shop floor

ISPM 15 Wooden Precision Crates, Shipping Pallets & Export Packaging

Butler & Baird is a premier supplier of Custom Precision ISPM 15 Wooden Crates, Custom Pallets/Skids, Packaging and Export Services. Since 1946, it has been our mandate to be a leader in the industry and follow through with a solid reputation.

Our primary focus is to secure and protect customer shipments of valuable goods, producing quality custom crates, skids, pallets, export crating, tradeshow crates & furniture vaults.

ISPM # 15 Certified for Worldwide Shipping

IPPC, ISPM 15 Certified StampWe are an ISPM#15 certified packaging supplier and meet all requirements & standards.

From our convenient 21000 Square Ft facility in Uxbridge, Ontario we specialize in both light and heavy-duty custom pallets, skids & custom wooden crates for international export and domestic use.

We serve the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and well beyond.

On-Site Precision Crating & Packaging- Your One Stop Service

Butler & Baird Ltd. will pick up your machinery or you have it delivered here. We then take of all the measurements, secure it inside the crate, package it according to the destination and close it up. We take pictures of the work as completed and let you know when complete. Then your forwarder arranges to pick the equipment up from here on to it’s final destination. Take advantage of the cost savings by sourcing your labour and shipping material from the experts here at Butler & Baird Ltd!

More than 75 Years of Experience!

75 YearsButler & Baird Ltd is acknowledged worldwide for our integrity, consistent quality, precision & the ability to react to your companies needs quickly and we can save you money!

With more than 75 years of experience, we are experts in building ISPM 15 packaging solutions that address various changing government regulations and environmental standards.

Our success is indeed a reflection of our customers success & the business partnerships we build together.

truckSome of our customers have relied on Butler & Baird solutions for over four decades, and we continue to grow, providing quality solutions for new customers.

We invite you to explore our web site and to request an Online Quote for your custom needs. We can answer any questions you may have, please contact us today!