ISPM 15 Custom Crates

Manufacturing of ISPM 15 Custom wooden crates is the backbone of our company. Our customers continue to rely on us because of our quality, service, and ability to deliver when required. Whether your need is for heavy-duty industrial machinery or fragile, intricate machinery, Butler & Baird Ltd. is your supplier.

Our product will meet and/or exceed your expectations. Our design team has the knowledge & experience to design the right container for your needs.

Our product lines include:

  • cleated plywood
  • open frame style
  • industrial heavy duty
  • reusable tradeshow style with hardware
  • specialty packing cases, and
  • furniture vaults/ storage containers.

Types of Custom Wooden Crates:

Plywood Wooden Crates

Plywood Custom Crates

We manufacture a lot of these types of crates and depending on the content size & weight they can vary in size from large to very large.

A well made crate will have a good “look” to it, and although it doesn’t necessarily class as beautiful, our customers appreciate having a good looking crate for their product. Often this is the first thing their customer sees.

Frame Crates

Wooden Frame Crates

Export Crates

Custom Export Crates

Tradeshow Crates

Custom Tradeshow CratesButler & Baird provides reusable and trade show crates for your assets or products that need to be shipped repeatedly.

We start by getting the information of the item / items being shipped which includes its fragility, size, weight, and value, and of course your budget. Our designers use a variety of foams to ensure proper cushioning and protection.

Next, we design a custom wood crate / container that will protect your product and withstand the abuses of repeated handling and shipping.

We use numerous types of hardware such as link locks, hinges, and locking hasps so that the crate can be easily opened without tools and closed securely.

We can also apply labels and markings, and even stencil your company’s logo on the container.

All our commercial crates are custom designed using our in house computer software. With its intelligence augmentation we can design, quote and assemble crates with an extremely high degree of accuracy, and it speeds up production like never before! As well, we draw from many different resources which includes an extensive MIL-Spec & ASTM library. We utilize our more than 75 years of experience in the industry and crate everything from priceless antiques, highly sensitive medical devices to massive aerospace parts. ISPM 15 certified wood packing materials and dunnage are used throughout and all tracked, documented & reported to ensure smooth border crossings anywhere in the world.  We utilize both softwood & hardwood depending on the size & weight of the product. We use standard shipping marks on our crates and can provide custom stenciling where needed.

Contact us today for a design consultation on the proper packaging for your needs. Our product will meet or exceed your expectations.