Packaging Solutions

large packagingWhen you do not have the resources or space to efficiently pack your large projects we are prepared to help. Some of our customers send multiple products for consolidation prior to packing; we provide space for this, track the receipts whether they are from your facility or your supplier’s, we then take care of all the packing.

Products can be shipped directly to Butler & Baird. In our facility we will weigh and measure your items. Then using our in-house software we create a design to meet or exceed the needs of your product, manufacture the crate or skid and package the product for shipment.

Afterwards, shipments are usually completed directly from Butler & Baird’s facility. We have dock level and drive in doors for loading or we can return it back to you for you to ship out of your facility.

Our Packaging Solutions include:

Foil Barrier Vacuum Seal

Foil Barrier

Impact Foam-Shock Protection

Shock Vibration Protection

Shrink Wrap Protection

Shrink Wrap Protection

Specialty Labeling, Stencils & Shock/Tilt Watches

Stencilling and Labelling

Our team can assist you with your packaging needs. Our vacuum sealing procedure, with desiccant, protects your products during overseas container shipments. Our VCI (vapour corrosion inhibitor) plastic emits vapours that eliminate rust during shipment and storage. Our foam cushioning materials protect against shock and vibration as well as Shock Watches, Tip-n-Tells that protect your merchandise during shipping. We work with you to meet your unique needs, providing protective packaging for your valuable products With all of these safety methods, this insures that your products reach their destination in the same condition that they left.

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Packaging Solutions