ISPM#15 HT Dunnage

As an ISPM#15 certified company we at times have companies who export their products overseas and pack their own containers. Sometimes they require HT lumber inside the sea container to use for blocking and bracing, otherwise known as “dunnage”.

What is Dunnage?

Dunnage is: Wood packaging materials used to secure or support a commodity, but it does not remain associated with the commodity. Dunnage is not used inside or on the exterior of any individual wooden box or crate. It is used to secure the crates , skids and product to stop from moving inside a sea container or similar shipping container during shipment

ISPM#15 HT Dunnage

Simply put, it is used within a shipping container to block individual boxes (commodities) from shifting in transit. When the individual boxes are unloaded from the shipping container, this material is typically discarded or recycled at its destination.

We can sell it by individual cut to size pcs or by the lift.

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