Sea Container Packaging

Our team is prepared to load, block and brace all Standard (Std) or High Cube (HQ) sea containers and to prepare your sea container for international overseas shipments. Whether we are working at your facility or consolidating your shipments in-house, you know you have your product in good hands. Butler & Baird Ltd continually educates our staff on all shipping regulations and requirements, helping you avoid the consequences of improperly secured products on the ocean. Our dock level loading doors provide for easy loading from our warehouse.

Packaging your Sea Container – What  We Do:

Sea Container PackagingWe prepare your shipment for loading, stencil important information, add the shipping labels and international shipping labels, weigh your items and prepare a load plan to make sure your load is safe balanced and protected.

We then securely block and brace the equipment with Heat Treated Certified ISPM#15 lumber.

Pictures are taken through the process from start to finish. A Bill of Lading (BOL) is completed for its destination to the rail yard or wherever it may be heading from our facility.

The sea container is then sealed in front of the driver and photos are taken to document.

Heat treat certificates are provided as well as Verified Gross Mass certificate for Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS).

We are in contact with your freight forwarder letting them know the sea container is ready.

Arrangements are made for its final destination and your equipment is soon on its way.

Your customer will be happy that your valuable equipment packed safe and secure upon its arrival.