Trudeau launching clean economy working group

VANCOUVER—A group called Smart Prosperity that wants Canada to speed up the transition to a high-efficiency, low carbon economy will launch today in Vancouver.

The cross-sectoral group, which includes business leaders, labour, non-governmental organizations, government and academics, aims to make Canada a global environmental brand.

The launch will get a boost with comments from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, whose Liberal government’s climate agenda appears to dovetail with the economic transformation envisioned by the new market-oriented group.

Twenty-six people have signed on to the initiative, including top representatives from banks and insurance companies, aluminium smelters, the United Steel Workers union, a grocery chain, investment firms and the World Wildlife Federation.

They’re looking to identify and promote policies that spur innovation, generate jobs and boost the economy while improving the environment and conserving Canada’s natural heritage.

Smart Prosperity’s launch coincides with Vancouver’s biennial Globe conference on clean tech.