ISPM 15 International Regulations (July 15, 2008)

The CFIA has announced that effective immediately all facilities should consider all off-shore markets as requiring ISPM 15 compliant wood packaging. The CFIA website will no longer post information on Country Implementation requirements. At this time, Canada and United States have a bilateral agreement and do not regulate cross border shipment, but with the Emerald Ash Bore problem this bilateral agreement could disappear in the near future.

 The Working Committee for the development of the ISPM 15 International Regulations met in Rome, Italy, recently and expressed their enthusiasm of the progress that the program is making. At the European Pallet Convention in Portugal, which Brian Butler attended, Mr. Roddie Burgess from the UK announced that the participating countries are doing a terrific job, and had progressed further than he had anticipated. From that meeting in Rome came a recommendation from the committee to deal effectively with used pallets being shipped through international borders without the risk of carrying unwanted pests. This recommendation was put forward by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, our governing body in these matters.

 For full explanation of their recommendation or an update, please contact us.