Drone Delivery Canada and Staples team up

DDC and Staples will collaborate to explore the feasibility of developing, implementing, and commercializing a drone delivery logistics platform

TORONTO, Ontario—Drone Delivery Canada is working with Staples to collaborate and explore the feasibility of developing, implementing and commercializing a drone delivery logistics platform for Staples’ commercial requirements nationwide in Canada.

“This agreement with Staples is potentially transformational for us as a company,” said Tony Di Benedetto, CEO of Drone Delivery Canada.

“We are the first and only drone delivery company in Canada.  Now, with our recently awarded SFOC (Special Flight Operating Certificate) from Transport Canada to test fly, those customers who we were previously in contract discussions are now accelerating their dialogue with us to develop and implement their own drone delivery solution.”

“The work Staples is doing with Drone Delivery Canada will let us rapidly provide innovative solutions to meet our customers’ needs,” said Mike Bhaskaran, executive vice-president of supply chain at  Staples, Inc. “We’re always testing new ways we can improve our supply chain capabilities and are encouraged by the potential of drone technology.”

With this agreement in place, DDC will work under Transport Canada’s framework to advance its testing at a specific test site within Southern Ontario. Afterwards, DDC anticipates it will travel to Foremost, Alberta and Alma, Quebec to test beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS).