Covid 19 Business Continuity

March 17, 2020

To All Concerned:

Subject: COVID-19 Emergency Response; Business Continuity

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is an unprecedented situation. Here are some of the initiatives underway at the BUTLER & BAIRD LTD.

Open for Business

We are considered an essential service, as a high number of our customers are indeed essential. There for while we are with reduced staff and shorter hours, we are continuing to remain open and conducting are business as usual.

Travel and Contact

Restrictions have been imposed on our people across our network to minimize, if not eliminate, all travel. We have increased the use of video and conference calls where practical. Restrictions are being imposed on anyone returning from outside the country to reduce the risk of transmission of any virus.

Our facilities staff have been instructed to increase the frequency and thoroughness of cleaning, with particular emphasis on ‘common touch’ areas of the workplace. Our trucks and mobile technology equipment are also subject to increased wipe down.

We have posted notices in our facility denying access to any non-essential outside visitors or contractors. As well, any who have travelled from outside the country or anyone with symptoms is denied access to Butler & Baird premises.

We have instructed all personnel within our workforce who are capable of working from home, to do so. Again, this is to minimize the risk of spreading any known or unknown infection.

Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

Our BCP has been validated and implemented. During these times, the safety, health and wellness of our people, their families, and communities is of the utmost importance. Your continued support and cooperation through the coming weeks and months are appreciated.