Canadians see possible signal U.S. ready to accept NAFTA compromise

OTTAWA  – American trade officials are showing newfound interest in a Canadian proposal for revamping NAFTA’s automotive provisions as the U.S. seeks to swiftly conclude renegotiations of the continental free trade pact. And that’s being taken in some quarters as a sign that the U.S. may realize it will have to settle for making only… Read More

U.S. applies second wave of duties against Canadian softwood lumber

The U.S. is expected to announce preliminary anti-dumping duties with an average rate of around 10 per cent, which will be added to the existing duties announced in April     MONTREAL—Canada’s softwood lumber industry is bracing for a second wave of U.S. duties expected to come Monday that could put further pressure on producers,… Read More

Wildfire problem will grow in coming decades

The massive wildfires that burned in California, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, British Columbia and other parts of North America in 2017 in many cases exhibited a disturbing trend: a marked increase in the amount of area burned. The Thomas Fire, which consumed 281,893 acres in California’s Santa Barbara and Ventura counties in December, was the largest… Read More

GE’s Giant Wind Turbines Will Have Rotors as Long as Football Fields

 GE Renewable Energy has announced plans to build the Haliade-X, the biggest, most powerful offshore wind turbine that the world has ever seen. Standing at 853 ft., the turbine will be 300 feet taller than the Washington Monument. The turbine will have a 12 MW direct-drive generator, and be able to produce 45% more energy… Read More

U.S. cabinet members say Canada, Mexico could escape new tariffs

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin reiterated President Trump’s position that if a NAFTA deal can be reached Canada and Mexico will be exempted from new metals tariffs. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross voiced a similar sentiment “The president indicated that if we can work something out with Canada and Mexico they will be exempted,” said U.S. Commerce… Read More

President Donald Trump signs report rebuking own views on trade, Canada

Washington, DC —Donald Trump’s views on trade have been clobbered in a report released by the White House —and signed by none other than the president of the United States himself. The self-rebuke includes some of his talking points about Canada. The president regularly bemoans a trade deficit with the northern neighbour and was complaining… Read More

GM extending a cutback in car production at Oshawa plant

Oshawa, Ont. – General Motors Co. is reportedly extending a cutback in car production at its plant in Oshawa, Ont., into April and May before it begins a second shift to produce pickup trucks later this year. The automaker had halted production of Cadillac XTS and Chevrolet Impala cars for three weeks in January and… Read More

Super wood could replace steel: New process could make wood as strong as titanium alloys but lighter and cheaper

  Engineers at the University of Maryland, College Park (UMD) have found a way to make wood more than 10 times times stronger and tougher than before, creating a natural substance that is stronger than many titanium alloys. “This new way to treat wood makes it 12 times stronger than natural wood and 10 times… Read More

Using virtual reality to train industrial workforce

Houston – Honeywell announced a cloud-based simulation tool that uses a combination of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to train plant personnel on critical industrial work activities. With as much as 50 percent of industrial plant personnel due to retire within the next five years, the Honeywell Connected Plant Skills Insight Immersive Competency… Read More

Human error or criminal negligence? Lac Megantic criminal trial begins in Quebec

SHERBROOKE, Que. — Train driver Thomas Harding knows he’s partly at fault for the 2013 Lac-Megantic rail disaster that killed 47 people, but he was following procedure and the tragedy flowed from bad company policy, his lawyer said Monday on the first day of trial. “Mr. Harding realizes he’s partly responsible for a very serious… Read More