ISPM- 15 Bilateral Exemption Between Canada and the US

Excerpt from CWPCA website

Since the ISPM-15 regulations came into effect in 2006, Canada and the United States have agreed to a bilateral exemption. The US Department of Agriculture has wanted to terminate this exemption since 2010.

As a response, the CWPCA called for long implementation lead-ins and proper administrative details, as well as explaining the implications of the termination to the WPM industry and to Canadian exporters.

In December 2012, we insisted on a firm date for removal of the exemption to remove the uncertainty that has plagued Canada’s wood packaging industry.

As of mid-2020, the bilateral exemption between Canada and the US remains in place. For confirmation, click here to view the USDA webpage on wood packaging. There is currently no indication that the exemption will be removed.

CWPCA will continue to monitor the situation and  provide updates as developments occur.