Drone Delivery Canada to collaborate with Canadian retailer on last mile solution

TORONTO, Ont.– Drone Delivery Canada has entered into an agreement with a Canadian retailer, unnamed at this time, whereby the two organizations will explore a collaboration to introduce drone delivery services within the retailer’s logistics model.

“We are excited to further our Depot-to-Depot last mile solution, also known as the last leg of a products trip, with such a large corporation. This effort not only provides recognition of our technology but also moves us closer to commercial operations,” commented Tony Di Benedetto, CEO of Drone Delivery Canada.

“We have been diligently building out our platform working with various government agencies and corporate partners and with this win we move significantly closer to achieving this.”

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) sets the framework for DDC’s development testing focusing on integrating the Company’s Depot to Depot program and providing a last mile solution. The MOU, non-binding at this time, is expected to develop into a definite agreement between DDC and the Company, said the release.

The agreement also includes participating in DDC’s Remote and Rural Canadian Program to provide just in time goods to Canada’s remote communities where demand and need are high.