IMPORTANT Reminder: Pallets as Package Type Not Allowed for USA, Canada

Several carriers have issued the following notice regarding the package type that must be used for the 24 hour compliance rules. We are reminding CIFFA members to ensure they follow the requirements in order to avoid being assessed amendments / correction fees by the carriers.  


Pallets As Package Type Not Allowed For Destination United States And Canada


As part of US and Canada 24HR compliance rule, PALLETS or PALLET as package type is not acceptable for all imports, transhipments and freight remaining on Board (FROB) cargo to the below countries.


1. US

2. Canada

3. Puerto Rico


Failing to meet the requirement will lead to customs penalties and delay in cargo delivery. Starting 10 April 2016 – As per the requirement, lowest visible package kind must be submitted in all shipping instructions.


Shipping Instructions received with package type as PALLETS or PALLET will not be processed. These shipping instructions will be rejected requesting to resend the shipping instructions with lowest visible package kind.